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Concealed Handgun Training is the foundational course offered at Green's. It is a 4-6 hour class, all in one day. You can fill out your application with the state before the class or wait until after. Either way works.

Upcoming Classes $75

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This is the first step in selecting the right handgun for your personal needs. During this 4 hour class you will start by learning the proper safety procedures for using a firearm, and by the end we will have helped you select the proper


After taking the Intro to Handgun or getting your LTC, you might be asking what the next step is, for that we recommend the Fundamentals of Handgun Class. This 6 hour class is designed and taught help make you more proficient with your handgun.


We are proud to offer a variety of training classes here at Greens. Below are several of the upcoming classes that we have available. You can also schedule  1-on-1 training whenever would best fit your schedule, just follow the link below for our contact information.

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