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annual fee:$300

What makes Green’s Sportsman Buying Team Special?

Green’s Sportsman Buying Team will use the combined economic power of a group of people to better meet their needs, the needs of their family and friends and needs of the community.  We will have monthly meetings to discuss and demo new products, discuss and plan community activities and just fellowship with new friends. There will be opportunities for making group buys, as well as special discounts on items we can purchase in larger quantities on sale. We’ll have special classes for developing different skills.

Green’s Sportsman Buying Team Benefits

50% Off Annual Range Membership

50% Off a Big Thicket Armory 6”22 Suppressor

$100 Off Suppressors that are Special Ordered

50% Off Regular Classes

25% Off Ammo, Optics, and Accessories

$50 Off in stock Firearms

Firearms not in stock will be the cost (our price plus any shipping) of the firearm +$50

$20 Off the face value of Gift Card purchases over $100

Opportunity to participate in group buys

Invitation to Monthly Fellowship & Community Service Events

Invitation to Special Team Members Only Classes:

Reloading, Product Knowledge, Firearm Maintenance, Emergency Preparedness, etc.


Suppressor Shoot*** Reloading Workshop***Choosing the Right Scope

How to Make a Go Bag***Are You Ready for Any Emergency?

Beginner’s Guide to Traps & Nets

Buying Team Savings Chart

                                                                                  Regular Price          Team Price          Savings

Annual Range Membership                                       $120                       $60                    $60

BTA 6" 22 Suppressor                                                 $375                       $75                    $300

Dead Air Sandman TI(SMT762)                             $775                        $675                  $100

Defensive Handgun Class                                         $150                        $75                    $75

Nikon Prostaff 4-12x40(#6729)                          $301                        $226                  $75

Glock 19 Gen 5                                                             $575                        $525                 $50

1000 Rounds Federal Range & Target 9mm      $247                        $185                  $62

Diamondback DB15CCB   556                               $540                      $500                $40

$100 Gift Card                                                             $100                       $80                    $20

 Total Savings  (if these are the only things purchased in a year)                                 $782


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