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Shooting Targets


Get in out of the sun or rain(we wished) while you shoot. We have covered rifle and handgun shooting pavilions. The short range goes out to 25 yards and the rifle range goes out to 165 yards. We are also installing sound-absorbing materials throughout, to reduce the decibel level and make your shooting more enjoyable.

Range Hours:

  • Non-Range Membership: Thursday & Friday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Saturday 10-3

  • Range Membership: Monday-Sunday 9:00 AM - Dark


  • Daily Range Usage Fees: Non-members can come shoot on the range during store hours, by completing a liability release form, agreeing to our range rules, and paying $25 per shooter.

  • Annual Memberships: If you and/or your family members are going to shoot more than once every few months, or if you want to come shoot when the store isn’t open, you’ll need to purchase a membership. Our Annual Family Membership is $150 per year. With a membership, you can come shoot as often as you want, whenever you want – within reason. Also, because we think this is an activity best done with family, we define family pretty loosely. It includes adult kids, siblings, and parents as well as your kids.

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